Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | April 29, 2020

Cutting the Covenant

Cutting the Covenant 

Genesis 15: 1-18 

Rev. John Anderson 

Bay Presbyterian Church 

  • Introduction: Boys are disgusting! 
  • They spit on their hands. 
  • They make blood oaths. 
  • I. The Back Story 
  • a. Three pieces of the back story 
    • 1. God is Sovereign. He is the Plan-Maker and His will cannot be overturned. Acts 2: 23 
    • 2. Abram has just spearheaded a daring and audacious raid to recover his kidnapped nephew, Lot. 
    • 3. God’s call and Promise 
      • a. There was not spitting or blood letting on the hand. 
      • b. Abram had only the vaguest of a surreal “promise.” 
  • II. A Reality Check 
    • a. Abram didn’t know what lay around the next corner. 
    • b. He picked up a family, likely with a boy – in Damascus on his trip to Canaan. The boy’s name was Eliezar. 
  • III. A Clarification of Intent 
    • a. An object lesson 
      • i. Count the stars. 
      • ii. The object lesson would take a lifetime to accomplish. 
      • iii. The object lesson is that your help is always up. Keep looking up! (Psalm 121: 1,2) 
      • iv. Abraham believed God. 
        • 1. The word believe is from the same root word as the word “Amen.” 
  • IV. A Plea for Surety 
    • a. Unbelief comes readily, whereas faith fears disappointment and tends to hesitate. 
    • b. “I believe, help my unbelief.” 
  • V. An Odd Ceremony 
    • a. Cut animals and dead birds 
    • b. On that day, God made a Covenant . . . in blood . . .with Abram affirming a promise. A cutting of the hands, as it were. 
  • VI. Take Away 
    • a. Keep looking up. 
    • b. God’s Delays are not denials 
    • c. A Peculiar Ceremony 
    • d. Abraham could do nothing to aid the fulfillment of the promise.

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