Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | March 29, 2020

The Church Militant

Acts 13: 42-52

Rev. John Anderson

Bay Presbyterian Church

March 29, 2020

Introduction:            The Church’s One Foundation

  • Samuel Stone
  • Samuel Wesley
  • Two viruses during Stone’s years
    • Origin of the Species
    • Higher criticism
  • What is the Church
    • Jesus – the first to use the world Church
    • Eklesia – to call out
    • While alienated, God came and got us 
    • Somebody had to pay the debt.
      • I couldn’t and I can’t
      • But Christ did
    • Not specifically used in this passage
    • God doesn’t have to give us anything – just demand obeisance
    • God graciously gives us – oh so much more than Christ!       
  • A Hungry Church
    • Antioch Pisidia
    • The church worships and fasts
    • Synagogue
  • A Church in Transition
    • Paul and Barnabus had the whole city come out to hear them.
    • Christianity was transitioning from an ethnocentric religion to its own entity.
  • A Reproducing Church
    • In spite of the head winds created by the opposition, the church continued to spread.
    • No one thwarts God’s purposes.
  • Take Away
    • The church is a gathered people and not a building.
    • The church should expect push back.
    • Our task as the church is to worship, fast and pray, spread the word.

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