Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | May 17, 2018


Passion, Cross, Good Friday

And to the issue—relevance—I will conclude with a quote:

“After all, who would put up with all life’s humiliations—the abuse from superiors, the insults of arrogant men, the pangs of unrequited love, the inefficiency of the legal system, the rudeness of people in office, and the mistreatment good people have to take from bad—when you could simply take out your knife and call it quits? Who would choose to grunt and sweat through an exhausting life, unless they were afraid of something dreadful after death, the undiscovered country from which no visitor returns, which we wonder about without getting any answers from and which makes us stick to the evils we know rather than rush off to seek the ones we don’t?

Fear of death makes us all cowards, and our natural boldness becomes weak with too much thinking.”


That quote, maybe you recognize it, –is from Hamlet. I updated the language but I think it is an accurate characterization of Shakespeare’s writing in 1599. When we think of resurrection—when we think of the disposition of our immortal soul. When we think about eternity…it was relevant in 30 A.D. and in 1599 and in 2018.

Pastor John Anderson

Bay Presbyterian Church

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