Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | July 18, 2013

Week Two of Phase III

BCBE, our construction contractor, is doing a fabulous job.  We’ve been spoiled by their professionalism, ability and courtesy.  If you run into any of the workers, let them know you appreciate the job they’re doing.

We’ve been getting an unusual amount of rain this summer.  It brings back memories of when our roof was a sieve.  We had buckets placed in so many places and still we couldn’t catch all the drops.  The Lord’s been good and every time it rains now, a prayer of thanks is sent up for our wonderful new roof.

John mentioned Sunday that we wouldn’t see a lot of changes this week, but what he didn’t realize was the ceiling was scheduled for a facelift.  These pictures were taken before it was complete, but you’ll get a sense of what is happening.  What you can’t see is all the wiring that is being done behind the walls and in the ceiling.


Priming the ceiling


Painting the ceiling


Staining the beams




Removing more of the molding



The sound booth gets a window


and gets expanded


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