Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | July 13, 2012

A Steeple for Bay

The most exciting thing happened yesterday.  Our steeple was installed and it is beautiful.  We can’t wait for you to see it.  The installation only took 2 1/2 hours.  However, the process was started in Campbellsville, KY, some 900 miles away.  The 900 + pound structure was shipped via truck.  It is 23 feet tall and the cross adds another 3 feet.  As you’ll see in the pictures a large crane was used to lift it to the roof.






  1. Wow, just saw the pictures of BP changes! A beautiful and blessed sight. BP will reach the heights of worship with our new steeple and enlarged addtions for the functoning of God’s home. We will sit beneath the cross and praise our Lord with song, prayer and sermon. Peace will be with us.
    With appresiation for all the work and planning and most of all patience for the physical and emotional growth in BP.
    See you all in late September.

    Sue Morgan

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