Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | November 2, 2010

Haiti Up Against Cholera and Hurricane Tomas

Urgent Prayer Request

Medical Team Update

                                                                                                                                  ESMI_highresEl Shaddai Ministries International


This is an update from Pastor Louis St.Germain and the Haitian Medical Relief Team.


Tainted water supply



 Cholera infested water supply



 Hygiene training


“The ESMI Haitian Medical Team worked in the area of Desdune. This is one of the villages where the poorest of the poor in Haiti live. ESMI has 2 church plants in this area.  

“We lost six of our church members to cholera and 15 of our children were in the hospital but we have learned today that they have been released and are on the road to healing. We are ensuring that they get the best care.” 

” Pray for their full recovery. The medical team left yesterday. On the second day they saw about 400 patients. They did hygiene training and gave out water purification buckets.” 

“The team will return later this week to another community Marchand Dessalines in the L’Artibonite department.  We continue to count on your prayers for our people.”

Thank you for your love and for your prayers,



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