Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | August 26, 2010

Freegrace Presbyterian Church


Lewiston, Maine


• The church established a physical presence in the community by securing, renovation, and furnishing a sanctuary and offices.  The terms are favorable and this was accomplished without the use of either debt or extraordinary fundraising.

• Jordan’s Bridge fee income grew significantly in the fourth quarter.  If sustained, the counseling service may achieve viable financial performance

• Member donations exceeded expectations.  A core group of members is giving regularly and generously.


• Purchases required to operate at the new location reduced cash on hand.

    •  Major funding was dependent on donors outside Free Grace.

    • A number of members were either unable to tithe or unaware of the importance of stewardship and tithing.

Objectives for the Coming Year

Our goal as a church is always to glorify God.  We seek to do this by living out our vision of broken people bound together in Christ.  The circumstances we find ourselves in at any given time lead to a particular focus on how to best pursue those goals.

With where we are now, our primary objective over the coming year is to grow.  We do not seek growth to justify our existence or to be successful, but we recognize that without growth it will be difficult to continue to live out our vision together as a church.  We will struggle to proclaim the gospel to Lewiston-Auburn together.  We may find ourselves becoming stunted in our faith.  Growth is not the goal but the means by which we are encouraged in our faith and strengthened to proclaim the gospel in life. 

We also have several specific financial objectives for Fiscal Year 2011.  We prayerfully ask God to work in these so that through our stewardship we are freed to serve him as he calls and to rejoice in his provision and care for his church.  These financial objectives are:

• Establish a reserve cash position to offset seasonal and unanticipated fluctuations in giving. 

• Enhance member giving via growth in new members and the education of existing members to offset anticipated reductions in MNA donors and gift balances.

• Increase billable hours delivered by Jordan’s Bridge.

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