Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | April 22, 2010

Robert Carr and Japheth Simayu Get Together In Kitale, Kenya


Japheth Simayu and Robert Carr


Bekeke Church in Kenya                               Japheth’s Family 

      Just wanted to update you on my trip to Kitali with Japheth. Let me begin by saying I had a wonderful time. This was my first time to Kitali and I was really impressed the verdant, fertile countryside. I was also blessed by the warm, gracious hospitality of Japheth and his family and impressed by the work he is doing. I think you are in for a real treat when you come.
First of all, it was great to have Japheth at our church planter seminar in Nakuru. We covered the topics of “How to Change” from Sonship, Knowing your Spiritual Gifts (including a survey I had them take) and “Church Planting and Finances”- a topic in which they are always interested! I think it was good for Japheth to hang out with our AEPC guys and be in the environment of Presbyterians and hearing the way we think and hopefully seeing something good about the way we live and relate to one another.
With the seminar ending on Wednesday (April 7th), we spent an extra night at the guesthouse in Nakuru and then drove on Thursday morning with Japheth and Jeremiah- one of the AEPC pastors who lives in Webuye- a town about one hour South of Kitale. Unfortunately, this AEPC brother, Jeremiah sort of imposed himself (not an uncommon African thing to do) on Japheth and announced that he would go to Kitale with us and visit before going to his home in Webuye but that was just for a day and then he went home but it did take some time that I hoped to have to talk more with J.

When we arrived at Japheth’s home we had time to briefly look at the Bekeke church that was built with your help and the additional land they would like to buy adjoining that plot which I think is a good idea since the existing piece is rather small and will be harder to get once someone else builds on it. Then on Friday morning we drove about a half-hour away to dedicate the land in the village of Hututu- that went from 10:30 am until 3 p.m.! Saturday was a welcomed time of R & R when we visited a wonderful local nature conservancy with Japheth and his son. I hope there is time to see this place that has about 250 acres of land with a medicinal garden center, Bible mountains display, hermaphrodite animals (genetic oddities like a cow with three eyes and four horns!), as well as some man-made caves and a very nice shaded grove of trees by a river- very nice relaxing time and the owner and tour guide is a believer. Since there was nothing more to do, I told Japheth to spend some time with his family and rest and I went to check out the hotel where we will stay when you come called the Kitale Club. It is actually a golf course (bring your clubs if you or the other guys play!), with fairly decent rooms by African standards in a remote place like this and has a pool. It was probably frequented by many whites in the colonial days. I did some swimming, had lunch and rented a day room to change and charge my phone, ipod and laptop.

Sunday was a good but busy day. I preached and shared some music with my guitar at the Bekeke church. It seems J. and his family move the chairs and sound equipment from their house to the church- just down the road every Sunday so I was able to load up most of it on my 4 x 4 (I have a roof-rack) and cart it all down for them- something that really pleased his kids who normally do all of the work by foot. After the service we had lunch with some of the leaders at J’ house, packed up and then headed for Jeremiah’s church near the town of Webuye about an hour or so away. Along the way we stopped to see and dedicate land for a third church. The members of this new congregation were there and, after praying together outside, we were escorted to a little shop down the road where they have been meeting and we ate again. This plot seems to have an excellent location right off of the main road and will have good visibility and access. The folks there seemed really nice and on the ball. Japheth wants me to show you this plot on our way to his house when we drive there in August.

From there we proceeded to Webuye where the congregation had been waiting since 3 pm. We arrived about 4:30 and most had gone except members of the youth group. This church is called Kituni AEPC and Jeremiah is the pastor. I did evangelism there all the way back in 2004 and one of the guys who helped me do a skit then has now completed Bible school (he was one of the students who graduated from the school where I had spoken the previous Saturday. He is now under card at this church. We then were shown to the house where we spent the night. After introductions and other typical African formalities, we had a small service with me preaching and Japheth translating. We then were shown to the house where we spent the night.

On Monday morning Japheth and I drove all the way to Nairobi as Japheth had business to attend there.

So there is a brief sketch of our trip to Kitale.

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