Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | April 20, 2010

Free Grace Presbyterian Church – A Leap of Faith

It’s time for a big fat thank you note, followed by more time on our knees.  As you know, Grace Community Church has graciously allowed Free Grace use of its facilities for worship services. They have not charged a penny for either their space or their sound equipment. They have also allowed Ken to counsel out of the pastor’s office, also free of charge. We are very thankful for the blessing that is Grace Community Church. But wait, there’s more… Ken recently met Reverend Angel Silva, pastor of Missio Dei Church in Portland. After chatting about various topics, including counseling, he graciously offered Ken office space in order to counsel in the Portland area. Wow! Didn’t see that coming! Hang on to your hat, that’s not all…

New home of Free Grace & Jordan’s Bridge

Free Grace has just signed a lease on its own building in Lewiston. This will free us to hold weekly worship services and establish a solid presence in the community. It would also provide a permanent counseling office for Jordan’s Bridge. We are preparing to move in April 1st, followed by weekly services beginning on the first Sunday of May, May 2nd. So, there’s the exciting scoop: several reasons to be thankful and to be praying.

Another huge thank you goes to all of you, our supporters, for encouraging us, praying for us and for funding God’s good work in Maine through Free Grace and Jordan’s Bridge. God has answered our prayers, and yours, by establishing and working through these two ministries.

Would you join us once again in prayer as we prepare to move into our worship and office space? Would you join us in praising God for extending his grace through people such as Angel Silva and the Grace Community congregation? Would you pray for God to be at work in Lewiston and Auburn using these steps, this leap of faith as a powerful proclamation of the gospel?

Our future sanctuary

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