Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | April 18, 2010

A Thank You From Haiti

The Haitian Christians are resilient.  They know the hope and promises of the Lord and lean on Him for all their needs. 

This country has seen disaster after disaster come their way, but they haven’t given up hope.  Christians continue to praise God and “walk the walk,” bringing new people to Christ.  Having the Lord in their hearts enables them to sing praises to God when their homes have been destroyed and there seems to be no hope.  Many times we say, “Boy, I’m so hungry,” but most of us don’t know what true hunger is.  The people of Haiti do.  Many of us wish we had a better place to live.  The people of Haiti would be grateful for a roof over their heads.  

Their faith is a tremendous witness, not only to other Haitians, but to people around the world.  On March 29 the Haitian government expressed its appreciation for all the help the Christians in Haiti provided.  In turn, this was also a thank you to all who sent help, either by going to Haiti, or by sending food, medicine and supplies.  Praise the Lord that the government of Haiti recognizes the Lord’s work.

ESMI has a thank you they’re sharing on their website.  Please read their introductory note below and then view the video by clicking on their website.  You might want to have a tissue on hand.

A message from ESMI and Dony St.Germain

Dear Ministry Partners,

We must begin again by expressing our sincerest gratitude to ALL of you who responded with such compassion to the need in Haiti.  There’s a story to tell about how each one of you got involved in the relief effort almost immediately.  Each team member of the medical team saw God work in wondrous ways as the team was pulled together and supplies received in vast quantities in a matter of days.  Each church has a story to tell about how God provided funds for the Haiti relief effort.  And each of you, individually, has a story to share how God moved in your heart to give and serve.  We all saw God move in marvelous ways to help those in Haiti, who were in such desperate and indescribable need.  Thank you all for giving of yourselves for the cause.  The Haitian government also thanks you on behalf of the people.  You touched many lives in tremendous ways both physically and spiritually.

On Monday, March 29, ESMI/MNA graciously received the following plaque from the Senate of the Republic of Haiti on your behalf.  We wish this plague could be replicated many times over for each of you to receive.  Our Haitian people thank you for the different ways you express your love.  And we at ESMI thank you for using us as your representatives. 

Please click on this URL to watch and hear our thank you:

In His Service,

Dony St. Germain

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