Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | February 4, 2010

Bay Has A Giving Heart!

Help for Haiti


            It is hard to imagine earthquakes being associated with the Tropics, but here we are, digging out after still another natural disaster in Haiti.  I want to let you know how proud I am to be associated with such a generous congregation.  Our little church is going to send out in excess of $12,000 thanks to your gifts of love.  Of the $12,000.00, $2,400 will go to the Place of Hope orphanage, $2,400 will go towards medical supplies with a preference for the clinic we helped to start and the remainder will go to Don St. Germain’s ministry with the orphans.  The truth of the matter is that Dony will use the money in the most efficient way given the need, so our designations are not much more than suggestions.  The percentages of medical aid and humanitarian food, and water aid, will ultimately be left to Dony since he is on the ground and knows what the needs are.

            Please pray for Haiti, El Shaddai ministries (Dony and his brother Louis) and the Place of Hope orphanage (Andre and Angie’s ministry).  It would appear that all of the projects to which we have provided help, are okay.  However, there has been a mass migration out of Port au Prince into the country side where the orphanages we support are located.  These are hungry people looking for food and shelter, so where ever our contributions go, needs will be addressed and perhaps we can forestall further human tragedy.  Pray for the gospel to prevail in the midst of adversity.


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