Posted by: Bay Presbyterian Church | January 15, 2010

Haiti in Need

Praise the Lord, the Pastor and Orphans are Safe!

Below is the most recent update on Haiti from El Shaddai Ministries International.  Dony St. Germain is there and is working hard to obtain food, water and supplies. 

We will be taking up a “special offering” after the service this Sunday for the Haiti Relief. 

Dear Friends,  

Thank you so much for your prayers.  Just heard from Dony at 6:25 p.m.  He’s well.  He was only able to talk very briefly.  Situation is horrific. People are sleeping on the streets.  No water.  No food.     PRAISE GOD!  PRAISE GOD!  The pastor, the workers and the 106 orphans in Carrefour are fine. He passed also through Gonaives and the pastors and ministry there are well.  THANK YOU LORD!     What is needed immediately are monetary funds.  With whatever funds he took down, he was able to help those around the airport area who have so graciously helped us when teams would come in, and others.  He is making plans to return to the Dominican Republic and buy supplies there – dry food items, water, etc. and drive those back to Port Au Prince.  Pray for them as they will begin tonight.   Thank you, Father, for showing Your mercy continuously even in the midst of this indescribable devastation.  Continue to pray for the many other organizations doing relief effort in these first few days which are always so crucial.

In His Service,


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